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Our Research Solutions

    We gather the best of research methodologies – whether the more traditional or other up-to-date and innovative options – in order to offer our clients fresh insights and the strategic solutions they need.
    We offer value to our clients.
Some of our more traditional solutions…
Other Creative solutions…
And some solutions we have been developing…
  • Focus Groups

  • Mini Groups

  • IDI's (F2F, telephone, in-situ, at home, online)

  • Duos / Trios

     Accompanied shopping

  • Ethnographic observation


  • PlatformMakers

An online immersion methodology: we investigate a target / an issue over time (usually sessions last one to 3 weeks), resulting in deep, argued and thoughtful points of view enriched with images/photos/videos.


  • ConceptMakers

To help you finalize your concept: we select, optimize and validate the best insights and benefits and make sure they are adapted to the consumer language of your target group.


  • InnovationMakers

We can help your company in the quest for innovation: we gather feedback from the different stakeholders in order to obtain information that will contribute to the development of new products / services.


  • ConnectionMakers

Want to contact directly with your target? Then come along with us – whether to their homes, the place where they work, their favorite shopping places or the pub where they get together with friends. And language won’t be a problem because our team will provide the perfect interface. 



  • Desk research

We gather and analyze information on the subject in order to establish hypotheses before a research project and make sure all paths are covered


  • Pre and Post tasks

Exercises done by respondents before or after a qualitative phase (diaries, scrapbooks, …) that will enrich results and make them more clear


  • Telephone Recall

We call the respondents after a qualitative phase in order to check what they recall and thus check which are the most relevant aspects of the products/services tested


  • Accompanied shopping

We go with the consumer to the POS


  • On the spot interviews

Small interviews to consumers in-situ. These allow us to obtain the individual experiences first hand, with the spontaneous reactions as the consumer connects to specific products / services.


  • Discussion with experts

Journalists, University Teachers, Sociologists, Other Researchers…

The Research Makers - Estudos de mer
The Research Makers - Estudos de mer
The Research Makers - Estudos de mer
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